Friday, March 10, 2017

Quick Pics

Maggie was sick (throwing up), and Calvin came in to comfort her.  He literally just laid his head on her and smiled for the longest time!  It was so sweet!
I also took Clark out on a "date--" we got the car washed, bought him some new shoes (he desperately needed them--kid has a habit of dragging his toes), and filled it up with gas for our trip.  He was thrilled to be on a date with me, and I was happy that I've apparently set the bar super low for one-on-one time with my children.

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity-Jig

Molly is home!!  I was too busy looking anxiously for my sister to take pictures, so I don't have any pictures from the airport, but I do have pictures of when we got home the next day:
Several different groups of people decorated my parents' house to welcome her back.  This girl is so loved.

We came over for biscuits and gravy on her first day back, and although she was a little emotional about being released (OOOHHHH how I understand that!), we talked together that night, and she seems to be settling into civilian life pretty well.

I went to check the chickens on our first day back and found 19 eggs!!  I'm happy they're laying so well.

I've been sick with a sinus infection, and since I've had Kleenex boxes laying around the house, Calvin has discovered the joy of emptying Kleenex boxes.

He's a fan.

Daliah also had her 33rd birthday, and Steve made her a birthday cake!

Isn't that so creative???
She didn't get all the candles blown out the first time (lots of boyfriends for this girl!!), but her niece and nephews enthusiastically helped blow out the rest.

And finally, this last picture is what happens when the pussywillow in the back yard is in bloom around the same time your one-year-old has a constantly runny nose:

I mustache you a question!!!

And now I'm officially caught up!!

Family Weekend

After the marathon, we spent the rest of the weekend together waiting for Tuesday, when Molly would get home.

Since my sister is a trained cosmetologist, I took advantage of her and asked her to give Calvin his very first Big Boy haircut:
He did so great!! I've discovered that it helps to have me wear a cape and hold him on my lap, rather than having him sit on a stool.

And now he looks so much older!  He took a bath afterwards with his cousin, Ty, and thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience.  Ty didn't seem to really love when Calvin chose to sit on his legs, though:

He also apparently decided that since he had a Big Boy haircut, it was time to start walking!!  For reals!

Playing with cousin Tessa:

On Monday, we got the chance to run to Red Robin's and see Steve's parents, brother, and Grandma Busch.  It was AWESOME and waaaaay too short.

Calvin enjoyed hanging out with Jason, and Jack had fun talking with his Nana.

I just love these people so very much.

Aren't they cute?  I'm glad to have such an amazing family.

Jason was soooo patient with the kids when we were all waiting for the food, and they all just adored hanging out with him.

Afterwards, we all went to the park for Crue's birthday. I have mentioned before how much I love Riverview Park, but it is amazing.

Calvin, on the swing!

NaElle and Maggie came to take a picture with him, as well!

Crue and Maggie just love each other so much.  Makes me happy that my kids get to grow up knowing their cousins!

The huge climbing structure was well used by our family--

Clark and Jack both made it up 5 times!

It didn't give me heart palpitations.  Don't think it did.

Okay, it did.  The smaller structures were fun to have races on!

And the kids enjoyed those, too!

Swinging two kids at the same time (we could've fit more, even), it's so fun!

Maggie had fun climbing some of the rock structures!

They had this little device where you can turn people over and over.  Levi tried it:

And so did my mom!!!  I'm pretty sure this could be counted as elder abuse:

Especially because she couldn't walk for like 10 minutes afterwards, she was so dizzy!

Crue, unwrapping presents (with the enthusiastic help of cousins and brother)

Jayze took all three of the babies (Calvin, Tessa, and Kimball) on the swing.  Told ya I love this swing!

Jayze, Sarah, Levi, NaElle, and my mom all climbed the Eiffel Tower, too! (Cody, did you?  I didn't remember)

Watching everyone play...


Calvin tackled Maggie at one point....good thing she had a good attitude about it!

High fives!

Again.  I am so lucky to have such amazing family.

Steve and I raced, too!  I won.  Neener, neener!!

Cute family!

More of our climbers!

Steve and I made it all the way up, too!  I totally panicked on the second to last rung, and Steve talked me through it enough to get all the way up to the top.

Heights are not my favorite.

It started raining as we were ready to go, so Maggie borrowed my coat.

Happy faces!!

Clark, coming down while Steve watches carefully...

Waiting for the crosswalk.  The kids really liked pushing the button (it talked!), and Steve started defending it.

I love love love that my kids know their cousins!!  Crue really admired Jack and followed him everywhere.  It made me so happy.

Calvin and Kimball playing together back at Lisa's.  SO many fun babies!

And Crue's second birthday party that night was a blast--several of the Beecroft family came over to Aunt Jackie's and we talked, laughed, and played until way too late!  
Weekends with family can be loud, chaotic, and crazy, but they sure are fun.