Saturday, August 12, 2017

First Day of School

Yet again, it's time for me to share the same silly old cliches about how I can't believe the summer went by so quickly, and how it amazes me that my kids are old enough to be going to the grades they're going to, and how time passes too swiftly....

You know the drill.

But it really DOES pass too swiftly.

Take these pictures as proof.
 Clark was ready for First Grade, and ADORES his teacher, Mrs. Junk.
Because she's new to our school district, I was a little nervous (the unknown always makes us a little nervous, doesn't it?), but the moment we walked into her adorable classroom for Meet the Teacher night, I knew Clark would love her.  Dr. Seuss-themed decorations, a genuinely warm, happy smile, and gerbils cinched the deal. He's had a blast this week! 
 My 8-year-old Jack, heading into 3rd Grade.  I can't believe how ridiculously tall he's getting, and judging from the amount of food he's been eating lately, I can tell he's heading into another growth spurt.  Hence the jeans that are still just a liiiiitle too big for him.
 He's thrilled to have Mr. Smith for his teacher, and from everything I've heard about Mr. Smith (who has been teaching here since my brothers were in third grade), he will be a fantastic match for Jack.  He really understands kids that age, and it's fun to hear how excited Jack is about his class time.

 We had a dinnertime conversation last night about how Jack and Clark are best friends (this conversation was only slightly prompted by me, by the way), and it made my heart so very happy to hear these boys express their love to each other.  I think some of that may have been inspired by us watching the "Two Brothers Two" series on the Mormon Channel--if you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it. It's definitely changed the way Jack feels about Clark, and vice versa.

Maggie headed into kindergarten, and she has the same teacher that Jack had when he was in kindergarten!
 She was nervous, but because we got back-to-school blessings from Dad the night before, she said that she could feel Heavenly Father helping her be less nervous and more excited.
This is her "silly" pose--she's sticking her tongue out.  Lol
 Also, in case you were wondering, yes, everything she is wearing has sparkles on it.  Sparkly shoes, sparkly pants, sparkly shirt, sparkly backpack, and sparkly fingernails.
 Calvin wanted to photobomb:
 And yes, I did get a little teary dropping her off on her first real day of school.  I'm coming to appreciate more and more just how fleeting these lovely stages really are.

But do not be fooled--even though I have three children in school, I'm not bored.  For one thing, my brother, Noah, is visiting before he heads off to China to teach English for several months:
 (He is SO good with my kids.  They just idolize him).

And yes, I'm jealous that he'll be over close to my neck of the woods, speaking Mandarin.

As for me, Calvin does plenty to make sure that I'm not bored during the day.  Why, just yesterday, while I was playing through the "Dear Evan Hansen" sheet music I just got (EEEEEK!), he decided that both he and my bathroom needed a make-over.
 I'd wondered why he was being so uncharacteristically quiet....
I'd forgotten how busy toddlers can be, but do not worry, Calvin is doing his very best to remind me.  He keeps me on my toes, that's for sure!

Hooray for back-to-school!

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Sarah said...

Haha, Calvin! You'll have to keep that picture forever. It looks like he's just getting ready for Halloween. :) And your kids are getting so big! Maggie looks beautiful, and I love all the sparkles. It's so her. Happy back-to-school!